Things to Prepare Before Calling a Towing Company

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Since it comes in handy whenever you least expect it, the aid that a towing firm offers is very crucial. A professional tow truck service provider can take your car wherever you need it to go in a timely, efficient, and safe manner, no matter the emergency.  

When it comes to making the whole towing procedure smooth and seamless, the key here is preparation. You can make the whole situation much simpler to deal with if you understand what to expect when contacting a towing service near me. It is also best to have any state-specific requirements.  

That is why before you call a towing service provider, you need to have particular pieces of information prepared so that you’re prepared better for your tow truck experience.  

Here are several things that you have to prepare before you contact a tow truck service provider for help: 

The Address of Your Mechanic 

It is an excellent move to have the address and contact information of your mechanic handy. The reason for this is that you can ask the towing service provider to bring your car to the shop of your mechanic so it can be fixed immediately whenever you contact them for roadside help. This will avoid having your car having to tow it again to the mechanic whenever it’s towed to your house. Therefore, to avoid confusing the tow truck driver as to where you want your vehicle to be delivered, you should have this crucial piece of information prepared.  

Information with Regards to Your Policy 

The tow truck service provider might require access to your insurance policy details to figure out the payment method or to figure out the kind of coverage you’ve got. This is why you need to have details about your insurance accessible quickly before you contact a tow truck service provider for roadside help. This includes policy number, type of coverage, previous payment information, and much more.  

Condition and Make and Model of Your Vehicle 

Another crucial piece of information that you need to prepare before contacting a tow truck service provider is your vehicle’s make and model. The tow truck service provider will require this info to figure out what form of tow truck will be more appropriate for the task. In addition to that, you’ll have to describe your car’s condition. This will help the tow truck company to take the right measures to make sure your car is safe and the towing is successful. For instance, a flat-bed tow truck might be suitable if your car has been damaged severely. On the other hand, a wheel-lift tow truck might be suitable for towing a car that’s damaged slightly.  

Your Location 

It is extremely crucial that you know your location. Towing a car off a quiet side street is much different compared to towing a car on a freeway. Thus, the location is one major piece of information that you need to prepare before you call a towing company. If you don’t know where you’re located currently, you can always check the GPS of your car.  

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Things to do Before you Call your Accident Attorney

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Car accidents are not in any ones list of things to do in their lifetime. There are just times when you need to be prepared to reduce the possibility of dying in the event that you get into an accident. And even with all the extra precautions and preparations sometimes we still get into an accident and we don’t want to be vulnerable in that kind of situation we’re in.

In the even that you do have an accident a car accident lawyer can help you with a lot of things. They can help you settle legal matters and protect you from claims and other malicious accusations. When you are in an accident it is good that you call your accident attorney to help you with the aftermath. However, here are somethings that you can do before you call your attorney.

  1. Witness Information

If you can and you are able you should ask a witness information. It is very important and could help tons if you need it. Getting the information can be as simple as asking their name and a contact number so you can call them at a later date. Usually, if you don’t do this immediately there is a big chance that you wouldn’t be able to track down the witness to the accident.

  1. Police Report

You should ask for a police report. Usually police will make a report on the collision and you should request for one as soon as possible. Your attorney would want to review it so having the initiative to do it will help you get a move on from the situation. There is a process in requesting one and sometimes you;ll have to pay a small fee to it. So, getting one as soon as you can is a good move.

  1. Picture Evidence

Again if you are able to do this. You should take a picture of the damage or even the collision site if you could. This can help your case and it can be an evidence of the damage to your property and self. So, having a picture evidence can be of great help. It is important to include your property and yourself in the picture so that you have a claim and proof for the insurance company.

  1. Costs

You were in an accident you have to understand that there are things that you should consider. If you have medical issues after the accident you have to be tough and face it. Go to the hospital have it checked and treated. It is important that you have the documents to show your insurance company later for claims.

  1. Preparation

In other words before you call your lawyer make sure that you are prepared for your lawyer. Yes, it is true that your lawyer can do all the work mentioned above but you can help them by being responsible. You need a lawyer to help you face the aftermath of the accident in the legal court. So, keep an open way for communication and be honest.

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